Direct Service to Rural Alaska

Flying to 200+ locations throughout Alaska

DesertAir Alaska flies cargo from Anchorage International Airport with direct service to over 200 rural locations in Alaska. We can land on unpaved, gravel and dirt strips with minimum runway clearance of 2,800 feet. Our experienced pilots have over 100,000 hours combined of accident-free flying Alaskan air cargo in its unforgiving climate and terrain. We know the air freight business in Alaska, and that means moving big, bulky and difficult loads to remote locations – so we don’t charge extra for anything – the price we quote is the price you pay.

Call Joey at 907.243.4700 to confirm we fly to your destination and get an immediate quote. Chances are we can deliver your cargo where and when you need it. We go places the other guys can’t or don’t – it’s what makes us unique!

Do you have a private airstrip? Give us a call! We may be able to land there.

Where We Fly