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DesertAir originally started in Utah in the 1990s, flying auto parts across the country and Canada. DesertAir initially flew fish seasonally in Alaska with the reliable workhorse of the Alaska interior, the DC-3 airplane.

We began year-round charter air freight cargo service to across Alaska to rural villages in 2001, adding direct points of service each year to remote Alaska destinations. Today, DesertAir Alaska now serves over 200 locations with direct nonstop all cargo charter service from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Our all charter air cargo service is available 24/7 - we never close. Call Joey at 907.243.4700 any time, day or night for a quote. We ship on your schedule, not ours, and we’ll let you know immediately when we can get your air freight from Anchorage International Airport to your location.

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